My most common dream (or most commonly remembered dream) these days is the “I’m back at college” dream.

Usually I remember I’m 50 and already have a college degree. Often I’m back at Northwestern, where I actually went to college, but it’s usually unrecognizable.

Last night’s version of this dream had me sharing a dorm room meant for two people with about five other people. This was due to COVID-19 of course. As the dream went on, the number of people (and, fortunately, the size of the room) kept increasing. I was going to take a shower. I was in a robe and a towel, and I couldn’t find the dresser where I’d stowed my clothes or my bunk or anything. The more I looked the larger the room got and the more furniture there was to check.

I talked to a few students, mentioned to them that I had a son who was also a first-year college student. I think I started to explain what I was doing back in college and then realized that I couldn’t explain.

There are a few logical reasons why I’d have these kinds of dreams, such as the fact that I work at a college and this is my older son’s first year in college himself. But I imagine there are subconscious reasons too. I’m not an expert dream analyzer guy. I guess the question is, “what do you think you left unfinished in college?”